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Living My Best "Single Mum" Life

How could I have been so stupid and gullible?

That night she uncovered the truth, she couldn’t sleep, she could hardly breathe…she felt sick to the core, like someone had taken a knife and plunged it into her gut, then twisted it.

Life as she knew it had changed, and things would never be the same. Her happily-ever-after dream shattered, along with her heart—to the point she believed that no one would ever be able to hurt her like this again.


In Living My Best “Single Mum” Life, Australian Louise Mathison shares her heartbreaking journey of discovering her husband’s unfaithfulness, making the decision to divorce, and raising two young girls on her own with virtually no support. Louise takes readers on her heartfelt journey through infidelity, divorce, and solo parenting…an authentic story of turning heartbreak to happiness, from striving to thriving.


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As you learn of Louise’s struggles and triumphs, be inspired to create the life you love and discover your own value and significance as a woman and mother. This book is a call to find your passion, discover your unique self, and live your best life.

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"A must read! I will be carrying this book with me, long after I have closed the covers."

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